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iOS Notifications for GW Mail

GW Mail does a great job of giving you access to your GroupWise mail.  But how would you like to know when a new email comes in?  Our new notification service provides that.

The notification service can be turned on from the app by tapping on the info button and then on the row labeled notifications. After you turn on the service, the notification server will periodically check (every 15 minutes) your GroupWise account to see if you have new email in your mailbox.  In order to do this, the server must have a copy of your account information.  The server will not be given your account information unless and until you enable the notification service. When the notification server checks your account and sees that you have new, unread email, it will send you a notification.  If you don’t have new, unread email, it will simply update the badge number on the GW Mail icon to reflect the number of unread emails you have in the first 25 emails.

There is no charge for the notification service.


Q: How soon should I receive my first notification?

A: Immediately after the service is enabled.

Q: How often will I receive a notification?

A: The notification server will check your account every 15 minutes.

Q:  What type of notification will I receive?

A:  If you have a new email, you will hear a notification sound and get a badge update on the GW Mail icon.  Otherwise the badge will simply be updated.

Q:  Notifications used to cost something? Will that change? Could I be charged later?

A:  Yes, we used to charge for notifications. That will not change for the foreseeable future. There is no way for any app to charge you for something without your permission.

Q:  When I receive a notification, the sound is really loud or soft!

A:  There is a setting for that. (iPhone) Go to the iOS Settings App -> Sounds. (iPad) Go to the iOS Settings App -> General -> Sounds. Make sure the “Change with Buttons” setting is On.

Q:  How do I turn off the sound, but keep the badge update?

A:  There is a setting for that. Go into GW Mail -> info button -> Notification Settings. One of the options under Notification Sound is “None.” Or you can go to the iOS Settings App -> Notifications -> GW Mail. There is a “Badge App Icon” and “Sounds” setting that you can change.

Q: I have 10,000 items in my mailbox.  How many emails will the server look at to do the notification?

A: Only the first 25 emails will be looked at.

Q: What about notifications for Android?

A: That is available if you have the latest version of the Android mail app. Android is a very different system. Please read about it on our Android notifications web page.

Q: Our IT department doesn’t like the idea of this notification service.  Are you sure that it is secure?

A: While there are no guarantees of 100% security on the internet, we have put in place reasonable controls to ensure security.  But if necessary, we will block your users from the notification service upon your request.  Simply send an email to

Q: What are my sound options for notification?

A: You can pick from a handful of sounds that are included in the app. You set the notification sound in the app. Go to GW Mail -> info button -> Notification Settings -> Notification Sound. The app will play the sound for you as you switch between the sounds.

Q: Why did you implement notifications this way? Why not simply let the app query the server regularly from the device?

A: Apple does not let apps run in the background and query data from the network. Only music, location and VOIP apps may run in the background on iOS devices. This is a technical limitation imposed by Apple’s SDK.