GW Mail for Android


GW Mail is an email client for Novell GroupWise. With this app you get a much better interface than Novell delivers by default through GroupWise WebAccess. This app gives you some of the enterprise features that you would not get with simple POP/IMAP; like access to your Frequent Contacts and GroupWise address book.

Current features:

  1. Read your mail list

  2. Notifications for new mailbox items

  3. Switch folders, move items to folders

  4. Read emails, and delete, read later, properties, etc.

  5. Read attachments using the GroupWise WebAccess viewer

  6. Download and view attachments using apps on your device

  7. Compose emails

  8. Address book searching

  9. Accept or decline appointments, tasks and notes

We have released our GW Calendar as a separate app. It gives you good access to your GroupWise Calendar with a calendar specific interface.


Q:  How do I report a bug or make a feature request?

A:  Send a support email through the app.  Tap on the menu button, then the about button and then the support button.  Make sure you are specific about the issue.  “It doesn’t work” or “It crashed” is not enough information to be helpful.  If you are reporting a crash or exception, please send a log.

Q:  How does the app get information from GroupWise?

A:  The app talks directly to your company’s GroupWise WebAccess server as if you were logging in to it from a browser.

Q: Is this app secure?

A: We do our best to make it secure. 

Your password is stored encrypted on your device.

The app communicates directly through the internet to your GroupWise WebAccess server.  Information is never passed through a third party server.

You should passcode lock your device so that people can not easily open the app and get access to your email.

Make sure that the URL setting in the app is https, or the communication to the server will be insecure.



Android: The app requires Android 2.1 or later.

Devices: We have some Android devices that we directly test with the app. And there are definitely a lot of people that use the app on many different devices. So far there have not been any devices reported as not working properly with the app.  Please send an email to support if your device seems to not work with the app. 

GroupWise: GW Mail for Android has been tested to work with GroupWise 2014, 2012, 8, 7 and 6.5.  Your company must have a working GroupWise WebAccess server in order to use the app.